Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Carla Bruni is the gorgeous new face of Bvlgari's Diva Collection. 
Of course most of you are familiar with these exquisite and spectacular jewels.The genius photographer behind these beautiful images is of course Terry Richardson (remember my "Festin" post?) 
I am loving these images capturing the truly magnificent gems.
 However, I adore Carla's quote about jewellery even more! 
"An item of jewellery is not like any other object" said Bruni. "It is more intimate than anything else- physically intimate, of course, because it adorns the body, right next to the skin, often close to where the heart is beating. From the simplest of rings to the most sophisticated necklace, an item of jewellery always has a personal story to tell.I love it when things have a story" 


Jen X

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