Tuesday, 25 June 2013


WARNING this post is about cakes and my youngest Sparkler's birthday....
click away now, you have been warned!!!
I have this great polka dot cake pin on my Pinterest board
and to my amazement I actually made it. 
Not sure about you but I didn't actually think I would put my "Pins" into action!
My pin is the brain child from "Upon A Pedestal"
We all know about rainbow cakes, well this is too cute, a surprise cake with polka dots inside. 
The best bit is....it is SOOOOO easy. 
I used a cake pop pan to make the coloured polka dots 
(you will get a much better tutorial from looking at the Pin from Pinterest or visiting Upon A Pedestal)

The lid goes on the pan...
You then put the cooked cake balls in a tin and top with vanilla cake.
The finished result....
See cute polka dots...who would have thought! 
The best bit is the look of delight and surprise on the kiddies faces.

I made the large polka dot cake on the actual birthday. 
Two days later the house was full of very sweet girls for a baking party. 
I had personalised chefs hats made and had a cute image of a cup cake printed on the aprons. The girls looked adorable!

The girls had their own 10cm polka dot cake to decorate...more (and more) of everything was the trend!

They left with cake boxes filled with their creations. 
We also made lolly pops from Candy Clay (Sugarlicious)
After all the baking, the girls played Pin the Tail on the Donkey, Musical Statues, match the cake liner game (made this up!) and good old Twister!

Another birthday cake for the Party!

Now look what maybe in the future.....

This looks like it could be fun!

Another fun birthday treat for the Bithday Peep,is to make a big surprise ball with little goodies inside.
As the paper is unrolled surprises pop out. 
This is fun and takes patience, no rip tear bust approach as used for the other gifts!

I hope you enjoyed this!

Jen X

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