Monday, 24 June 2013


This is definitely not your "ordinary" (is there such a thing??)
 Hermes Kelly bag. 
Two years in the making, designed by Pierre Hardy, 3 in the world, 1160 diamonds and the most beautifully recreated rose gold crocodile scales EVER!!!!
Absolutely in the fine jewellery category instead of handbags don't you think? 
This bag had me at the handle! 
What a beautiful diamond bangle, captivating! 
This is a mini version of the usual Kelly, so no storage in this bag. 
However, I am sure the potential purchasers don't have to worry about where they put their keys!!
$1.9 million, chauffeur and security guards CHECK! 

Originally the "H" bag in the 1930's, it was renamed in the 1950's after Grace Kelly.
Not to be confused with the Birkin. The Kelly is a more formal design, with a single handle and more structured shape. The Birkin is the more casual design, with 2 handles and designed to be overstuffed!  
The Kelly

The Birkin

If you are a Hermes fan and like a good laugh, 
one of the funniest books I have read is 
"Bringing Home The Birkin" by Michael Tonello
Buy it here

images via luxatic, Google

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