Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Elizabeth Taylor's wedding dress will be auctioned by Christie's next month, details here. 
The dress is expected to fetch up to $70,000.
It was designed by MGM costume designer, Helen Rose who also designed this...

Beautiful gowns for iconic ladies (with teeny tiny waists!)


The 2013 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender opens in August and comprises of 64 coloured diamonds.
 This includes 58 Pink diamonds, 3 Fancy Red diamonds and 3 Blue diamonds.
The diamonds gaining the most attention are the Fancy Reds.
According to Argyle Pink Diamonds manager, Josephine Johnson "Since mining began in 1983 only six diamonds certified as Fancy Red by the Gemmological Institute of America have been presented for sale at the annual tender. To have three of these red diamonds in one tender is a very special moment" 
The largest red diamond available in the tender is the Argyle Phoenix at 1.56 carats (pictured above).
Fancy Diamonds have previously sold for $1 - $2 million per carat.
The tender closes 8th October. 
I can't wait to see the results and hear what part of the world the diamonds call home!
Here's some famous diamonds to make you swoon....
Moussaieff Red Diamond 5.11 carats

Steinmetz Pink Diamond 59.60 carats

 Sun Drop Yellow Diamond 110.3 carats

 Heart of Eternity Blue Diamond 27.64 carats

de Grosogono Green Diamond 25 carats

Spirit of de Grosogono Black Diamond 312.24 carats!!!!!
(images via Google, Christie's, Sotheby's and Getty)

image from Jen Nicholl Instagram

So how do you like your diamonds coloured or white?

Jen X

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