Thursday, 11 April 2013


It is just as well I don't have a lot of shopping time on my trips to Jaipur, as I am busy finalising the designs for Jen Nicholl Jewellery 
Oh gosh I could get myself in trouble!! 
I can't begin to tell you how gorgeous the handicrafts are. I adore the textiles especially. 
So yesterday my trusty, very friendly and helpful courier arrived at my front door with his usual happy grin. He always has a chuckle as he comments " just back from another trip I see". 
The smile is bigger on my face as I accept my cloth covered hand sown boxes.
So here we go....

Gorgeous soft Indian Cotton Pyjama's for the little Sparks.
They come in their own cute bag.

Divine Clutch bags made from beautiful vintage fabrics. 
Each one is unique, I adore these!

A close up..aren't the colours and textures gorgeous??

Tribal Boho Bags

A close up of the boho bags

Yes, you would be correct, they are turbans! Every 11 year old needs one right? 
My twin boys looked very cute in these at breakfast today.

Block Print Table Linens

I feel a GIVEAWAY coming on...I may have gone a little crazy this time!!!!
Jen X

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