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Do you remember the jewellery auction of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis?
 That was nearly two decades ago! 
Sotheby's of course assigned rather modest prices and the jewellery pieces attracted 10 - 20 times more than estimated. An overall result of $34.5 million (US) was achieved.
Well here is another opportunity to purchase one of Jackie's pieces.
 This brooch is currently for sale at Betteridge

The brooch features a gold Roman coin and 18K gold and emerald spray.
It is believed Jackie wore this on her first visit to Greece.
I can't help but thinking this is a "bargain" at $10,000. 
Yikes I hear you cry...allow me to explain...
The results from the auction in 1996 were phenomenal!
Of the 584 pages of the auction catalogue, 329 pages were dedicated to fine and faux jewellery.
(The catalogue itself is one of a collector's item) .
There were many spectacular pieces. 
The jaw dropping 40 carat diamond engagement ring from Onassis. Estimate $500,00-$600,000 it sold for $2,587,500. 
A 47 carat Kunzite and diamond ring , estimate $6-8,000 it sold for $415,000.

image via 1st Dibs

This whimsical scarecrow brooch by Van Cleef, featuring a green chalcedony head with top hat and scarf decorated with rubies, sapphires and diamonds.  
Estimate $1200-$1500, sold for $101,500

image via Vogue IT
The very famous three strand faux pearls, estimated $500-700, SOLD $211,500.
There are numerous other examples.
If you take into account these results plus the fact in 1996 Gold was approximately $400 (US)  per ounce, compared with today's value of around $1700 per ounce, the brooch seems like a bargain! 

So if you are in the market for a gorgeous trinket previously owned by one of the great icons of the twentieth century, you know where to look!

Jen X

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