Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Do you fancy a peak at some images from the 

 New Cocktail Rings coming soon.
The Sterling Silver will be heavily plated in rose gold. 
A Bespoke Peridot and Diamond Ring.
Can you see the pop of green and "white" near the gold bezel setting?
The gold band is almost finished.
Beautiful emerald cut stones waiting to be set.

Blue Chalcedony Hoops getting some white glove love.

This is the first thing the skilled artisans see as they enter the workshop on the whiteboard.

My little pile of lavender jewels for some new earrings.

Nothing beats the vibrant colours of natural gemstone beads,
the perfect rainbow!
You have no idea how time flies for me in the stone room, my favourite place.
Decisions Decisions....
Which ones to choose???

Jen X

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