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I must say most of my clients choose their gemstone based on the colour they love, me included. 
Have you ever chosen a gemstone based on their meaning?
Some choose a gemstone for healing and others to achieve what they wish for.
Gemstones are certainly known for their power and many have magical stories.
Here are a few;

So in Greek Myth..... 
Once upon a time there was Dionysus, the god of wine, celebration and intoxication. The world revolved around him and he was gods gift to women...in his mind anyway. He would become enraged on the rare occasion beauties would ignore him. One day he decided to take revenge by allowing his two tigers to devour the next beauty  to do this. 
Here's the bit where you would say calm down & step away from the wine...anyway..
A beautiful virgin maiden named Amethysta was on her way to visit the temple of the goddess Diana.  He set the tigers set upon her and Amethysta cried to Diana for help. The goddess turned Amethysta into a statue of clear quartz to protect her from the tigers. 
Can't imagine how the tigers were feeling slamming into a huge piece of quartz and dare say loosing a tooth...ouch!
When Dionysus realised his ruthlessness (or was it just a case of a bruised ego) he began to weep with sorrow. His tear soaked goblet of wine was spilt as he collapsed.
The clear quartz absorbed the colour of the wine, creating the stone Amethyst.
Amethyst is thought to bring calmness and balance.

An Inuit legend says....
Once upon a time the Northern Lights fell from the sky and were trapped inside some rocks off the coast of Labrador. One day, an Inuit warrior came across these rocks.
 He tried with blows from his spear to set the Northern Lights free. 
Most of the lights were released, but some were still trapped in the rocks. 
It is believed the trapped Northern Lights are what give Labradorite its brilliant flashes of light, sparkle and colour.
Labradorite is believed to protect from negative energies, calm the mind and fuel imagination. 

The word Onyx comes from the Greek word "onux", meaning fingernail. 
Cupid is believed to have cut the fingernails from the goddess Venus. Once they fell on the sand they turned to stone.
Onyx is believed to stimulate perseverance, bring focus and achieve goals.
Red Onyx

White Onyx

Black Onyx

Green Onyx

This one more bizarre..... 
In Romania, it was once believed you would have the ability to understand the language of reptiles 
(whatever that is!!!) if you owned a piece of Chrysoprase. 
My love for this gorgeous green gemstone is not the same love I share for reptiles...just saying!

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love.

Turquoise has been the scared stone used for centuries by the Native Americans for healing. 
It is believed to protect, strengthen and attract friendship.

Smoky Quartz is believed to bring calmness and good luck.

The jewellery pictured here is all from Jen Nicholl Jewellery 

So will you look at gemstones differently given their meaning and powers?

Jen X

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