Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Green Smothies: 30 Day Challenge

I am sure most of you have heard and are fans of the
There is plenty of talk about these in the Blog world. 
I have been a fan for years...BUT..the faces on my little Sparks when they have watched me make them with Kale ("YUK"), Spinach etc have had no interest. They love smoothies just not GREEN!!!
So I can't tell you how surprised I was when I mentioned I had signed up for the 30 day Green Smoothie challenge here
They all wanted to join me including Mr Spark. 
We are now on day 14 and loving it...YIPEE!!! 
Admittedly it is important is doesn't taste like something from the lawnmower!!! 
So how? I don't really follow a recipe...and I make a big ones, 
so I make 2 batches in the blender of the following: 
The base (approximately):
2 cups of green....kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, avocado etc
add about 1 cup of fruit; mangoes, peaches, strawberries...
Bananas are a favourite in my house.
For the little Sparks I add some fresh juice,water and ice.
 Mr Spark & I are more hard core (ha!) and just have water & or coconut water.
Cinnamon, ginger, cayenne pepper, herbs....basically whatever you fancy.
Chia is always a must for us.
There is plenty of information and recipes out there.

image from my Pinterest Board "YUM"  here

If you haven't already got in the habit of green smoothies....give them a try. 
I can only tell you for me I have more energy, keeps the hunger pains at bay and I love starting the day like this. 
Oh and if you are a Mum or Dad....the absolute best bit is your kiddies have already had so many goodies in their diet before they start their day. I can assure you there is NO WAY my Sparks would eat a plate of Kale or Spinach...so it's a huge WIN. 
So many benefits.

Jen X

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