Friday, 21 December 2012


Almost there!
Last orders have been finalised after a busy time at
Jen Nicholl Jewellery
I have had my lovely 6 year old SPARKLER helping this week, 
whilst the older SPARKLERS are away enjoying their new surfboards.
Current happenings:

Birthday Gift Wrap 
for the very divine Ms C from Bunya House, from Jen Nicholl Jewellery

I have purchased a few of these divine cloches from Bunya House.
Apologies for the bad phone shot!
These hold about 70 decorations and look fabulous on the dining table.
There will be more available tomorrow (22/12)
at Bowral Public School Markets
or contact me here for details.

Some favourites to be wrapped and some are to be kept!
From Nigella Christmas; 
I am making the Christmas Chocolate Fruit Cake for the first time tomorrow. 
Have you tried this???
I will be also making Mince Pies, Brandy Butter and Nanny Nog. 
(the best ever Egg Nog recipe given to me from our Nanny 10 years ago)

Cute Reindeer Noses. 
This would be fun for the little Sparklers using Maltesers and Jaffas.

Mini Sparkler's Christmas Fancy Dress for school earlier this month.

Gorgeous wreath made by my little Sparker. 
Great job, I love it!

I hope your Christmas preparations are going well.

Jen X

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