Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Jewel Of India: Jaipur

I thought I would share a few photo's of my most recent trip to
 Jaipur, India.
I thoroughly enjoy my regular trips to Jaipur,
known as the Pink City and the Gemstone Capital of the World.
I am fortunate to work with the most incredible Master Jeweller
and his traditional and highly skilled artisans to produce my jewellery collections.
A trip to Rajasthan is the India you are hoping for:
exotic, lake palaces, forts, turbans, mahouts, maharajas, endless sunshine, peacocks, the constant sounds of horns, architecture, antiquities and temples.
I also love the smells: jasmine, sandalwood, fires & diesel.
It is an instantly fabulous experience for me.

It is one of the most amazing destinations...completely unique.
The festivities, the warmth and smiles of the people,
streets filled with cattle, dogs, barbers and dentists!
It is an extraordinary visual treat with thought provoking contrasts.
Jen X

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